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Q: What is the point of a strict ODST clan?

A: To show the other people on XBL that Spartans can't, don't, and won't have all of the fun.

Q: Do I have to wear my ODST armor all the time?

A: No, but it would help. It shows that you do have loyalty towards your leaders and that you respect ODSTs and the Battalion.  But due to complaints, we won't force you to wear but just one piece of ODST on all of the time.

Q: Why do I need this emblem?  Can't I have my own?

A: The emblem consists of a foreground, the skull, and a background, the flame.  The skull signifies your rank and the background your division, both dictated by color.  If your emblem ins't the clan emblem, you no longer have a rank or a division, meaning you aren't a member.  It is a requirement to stay in the clan.  


Q: What is the proper visor color for the supported helmets?

A: ODST: Blue; I know that I'll get hassle from people saying, "I paid good money for black," and, "It looks black in the cutscenes."  I'll give it to those people that it's almost black in the cutscenes and the menus, but that accounts for only a small part of the game.  In gameplay, marketing, and memorabilia, the visor is more blue, so that's what I'm going with.  If you want the Halo 2 look, go silver.

RECON: Gold; I know it's expensive, but it does look the best and is gold in Halo 3 and ODST.

For the rest: I don't care

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