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Shmelly in your absence the clan has mainly fell apart. I request that you please allow me to take the lead and try to pull this clan back together. I understand that you are not allowed to be on this website but I hope that you can just read this. As I also understand that I am not a forceful person but know I am the one that is trying to reach you and I am the one making the effort. Please Shmelly. Also an easier way to reach me would be at my email [email protected] or my facebook!/jonathan.shriver.9

Thank you,


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shmelly pitz
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I'm working on a solution...

December 24, 2012 at 12:35 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Shmelly, you gave command to me. I will be changin my gamertag (again). At that moment, I will be re-establishing connection with the clan. Get meeting going, run the battalions in order. Shmelly, I will hold them together as soon as my name changes. If you want to, email be at [email protected] It will establish a secure and direct linge of contact to eachother.

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ahhh the memories with you guys were fun 

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