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Since this clan is a member of the ODST Central Command I thought I'd stop by and share a recruiting Idea that I've come by. As a general note I've never actually tried this but in theory it should work.

So this would take some effort from many people in your clan to get 100 new recruits in one night. You would also need to plan ahead and get things setup for the traffic and work load your going to have for that night. You need to have a game plan before you can go for the 100 recruits in one night achievement.


Now this is just an idea/opinion on a possible way that something like this could work. I have not done this, but I have a pretty good idea that this would work. If you find a mistake or something you'd add, then feel free to comment below.


Now, you should have at least 10 - 20 others helping you recruit for this achievement. You do your normal routine when recruiting, however your doing a speed recruitment. You need at least 4 hours with 10 - 20 people recruiting.


You need to have a set of people who are searching for new recruits who are interested in joining. You go into different lobbies with 2 or 3 clan members and ask others if they'd like to join. Depending on what kind of recruits your looking for, then this whole recruiting 100 people in one night probably isn't something you need to attempt. If you have no guidelines and are just looking to grow the name, get people interested and expand quickly, then this should work. Ask people if they want to join your clan, if they say yes then invite them to a party or private chat, tell them what your doing. That your doing a clan activity that involves recruiting 100 new members in one night. Tell them that your going to invite another recruiter to go over the next steps so you can get back to recruiting others.


You need a set of people who will actually do the recruiting process, introduction, questions, assistance. These people will handle the dirty job. Most likely will be very busy during the night. Very important to have a bunch of people for this job as you can have many in each game wanting to join. People will ask many questions, and it's important to answer them if you plan on keeping the 100 new recruits.


You need a set of people on your site who can also assist where needed depending on how you accept new recruits via the site. Your site is going to have a bunch of traffic, make sure that your hosting can handle it before you start recruiting. Make sure that your rules, ranking system and other material is easy to find. Which should already be the case if you allow recruits to apply via the site.


The hard part is just trying to find people who want to join online with the group of people you have searching for people.


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